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How to Prepare for an Employment Background Check -

How to Prepare for an Employment Background Check -Its a well-known fact that at some point in our job application process, we will probably have to face a background check. For most, the check is probably not so intimidating. We know we havent done anything significantly wrongat least nothing that could compromise eligibility.What many dont know is that employers take a lot more into consideration than criminal history. This is why its good to know how to prepare for an employment background check.Get a Copy of Your Credit ReportNowadays, employers look closely at candidates leistungspunkt reports to determine eligibility. Why? They use the credit report to see whether you may have financial issues that are encouraging you to apply for the job. Also, they view a report filled with missed payments as an indicator of your lack of reliability.So before you start seriously applying for jobs, its a good idea to obtain a copy of your credit report from the three main credit bureaus (Equif ax, Experian, and TransUnion) and clear up any mistakes that could affect your score. You will need to allow between 30 and 45 days for an investigation to clear, so give yourself this much time in advance of applying for jobs if possible.Check On Your Motor Vehicle RecordYes, its true. Employers look at your driving record, just as they do your credit report, to determine reliability. If you have suspensions, DUIs, or other negative information on your record, you could lose your opportunity for employment. So order a copy of your driving record to enkoranvers all information is accurate and up to date before a background check begins.Make Sure Online Profiles Are Professional or HiddenEmployers also love to explore candidates social networking profiles to determine eligibility. If you had a drunk night out with friends, be sure to avoid posting any photos of your exploits on your page. And if you must post them, then set them to private so that people who are not on your friends l ist cant see them. Also, you could change the name of your social profiles so that you remain anonymous, thereby avoiding having a company count you out based solely upon your night life.Avoid White Lies on Your Resume Because a company will likely conduct a background check, its important to make sure all of the information you distributionspolitik on your resume is accurate. Dont say you worked at a company for five years when it was really three. And dont state that you received a bachelors degree when you really have an associates. These little details could make a difference to employers who feel that little white lies could turn into major trust and reliability issues on the job.The more you do to prepare for a background check, the less likely you are to be turned down for a job. So keep this in mind as you push for the job you want.An exceptional resume authority, Jessica Hernandez and her team of credentialed writers partner with professional- and executive-level candidat es to open doors to jobs at prestigious corporations, achieving over a 99% interview-winning success rate. For examples of branded resumes and Great Resumes nahe daran seins blog on resume writing tips, visit http//

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The 4 Steps to Negotiating After a Career Break

The 4 Steps to Negotiating After a Career Break Relaunching your career is lots of things exhilarating, rewarding, challenging. Despite years of experience as a professional, youre going out into the workforce with a fledgling perspective. You wonder what should my resume look like? What should I say in the bewerbungsinterview? And, my gosh, once Im over that hurdle, what can I expect from a new hire perspective?iRelaunchs Return to Work Conference, held in New York City on Oct. 3, 2019, answered these questions for an audience of career relaunchers through a variety of panels, keynotes and breakout groups. In a safe environment of hundreds of people overcoming the same challenges, the iRelaunch team and its invited speakers were able to approach even the toughest complexities of relaunching.One such complexity? Setting expectations for compensation and working to exceed them. In a panel called Salary Negotiation for Re-launchers What You Need to Know, Ginny Brzezinski, a contribut or to, Mary Beth Barrett-Newman, the founder of 2nd Career Consulting, and Carroll Welch, Founder of Carroll Welch Consulting, tackled this topic. They established a four-step formula for career re-launchers to negotiate a compensation package that meets their needs and, hopefully, provides a little mora.Step 1 Get clarity about your wants and needs before you begin negotiating.Before you approach a negotiation conversation, Mary Beth Barrett-Newman advocates for getting your compensation wants and needs on a piece of paper. What are you willing to compromise on, and what are your non-negotiables?First, the panel suggests trying to parse out the 4 Cs of your job offer control, content, compensation and culture. These are aspects of the job that can add or detract value, even if they arent traditional benefits. Much of this information should be found in the job offer. The panel advocates for getting a job offer in writing, with mora context than just your salar y. Ask for your title, who youre reporting to and your starting date. If possible, ask to see a summary of the benefits, along with a bonus or commission plan, if applicable.While you may be able to discern some of this from the job offer, you may have to seek some of this information from your contact, your network at the organization or online resources like Fairygodboss.For control, find out how much control you have over your day. Would you be able to leave work on time and spend time with your family? Would you be able to leave for a doctors appointment, or arrive late when you need to take care of something? Would you have the weekends completely off, or would you need to be on-call? Having more control over your day can add value if you need or want a strong work-life balance and flexible schedule.For content, find out the actual responsibilities of the job. Do these things align with your interests or passions? Would these things align with your career development goals, o r would you feel stagnant? Is there an opportunity for upward mobility? Having clear career pathing and a challenging role can add value if thats what youre seeking out of this job.For compensation, find out how much the organization is planning to literally compensate you. What would your salary be? What would your benefits look like? What is your Paid Time Off policy? The panel was koranvers to remind the audience that while many career re-launchers have partners with benefits, they arent something to overlook. Everyone needs their own retirement benefits, and who knows? You may be able to secure better health benefits than your partner.Then, for culture, try to discern the companys culture. Is there technically a flexible work policy, but no one uses it? Is there a strong performance culture with little leniency? Or is it a friendly environment? Having a company culture that aligns with your rolleality and goals can be critical to your happiness in the role.Once youve gathered th is information, write it down and decide if each C aligns with your personal needs. Does the salary exceed your expenses? Does the culture allow for you to manage your personal responsibilities? Is the culture one you can thrive in? Then, see how it aligns with your wants. Write out any gaps you notice. Maybe you were expecting more than 10 days of PTO (you should, according to the panel), or more than $55,000 a year. Knowing where the job offer is lacking will help you make a coherent argument for a better offer later.Step 2 Do your homework Research the market value of the position.Now that you know how the position aligns with your wants and needs, its time to research how to approach their offer and check more of those boxes. The panel advocates for using a wealth of resources people in your network, sites like Fairygodboss, or even a 990 in the non-profit sector to find the normal compensation for your role. Scout out the average salary of people in your position, along with the typical benefits and paid time off policies, so you can ask for what youre worth.Not only does this provide evidence for you to advocate for a higher salary, it also allows you to be realistic about your asks of the role. If you want or need a higher salary, but see the offered salary is towards the high-side for your role and organization, it may be worth it to look for another position that better aligns with your goals. The same goes for benefits, paid time off and those other value-adds.One thing the panel made clear you do not need to discount yourself because you are a career re-launcher What you made in a role 10 years ago has little relevance to what you should make now, and asking about your salary history is becoming increasingly illegal as more states and localities pass laws banning it. Put aside your imposter syndrome and ask for what others are making you deserve it.Step 3 Anticipate and understand todays hiring and negotiation processes.Now that you know what you want and what you can ask for, its time to ask. The panel emphasized that negotiating is the norm in todays workforce its expected almost every time someone accepts a role and that it takes only a few small moves to really improve your negotiation presentation.First, make sure you dont accept a call from the hiring manager or interviewer when you arent prepared to talk. In other words, according to the panelists, if youre in line at Trader Joes or driving carpool, its best to send the call to voicemail. Once you do answer, ask for the offer in writing and tell them you will get back to them in a reasonable timeframe that aligns with your communication thus far.After youve completed the above steps, Barrett-Newman suggests role-playing the discussion with a friend or partner. Once you feel confident about your pitch, its time to give them a call back.The panel advises not negotiating single-items but holistically, as its easier for the person on the other side of the conversation t o say no to everything after your initial ask. Also, be sure to be firm, even-paced and confident. You researched thisSometimes, negotiation will not be possible. And sometimes, you wont get what you want. The panel advises responding positively after you are told changes arent possible to maintain a positive relationship with the hiring body.After youve negotiated successful or not ask for the offer with amendments in writing. Then, let them know youll respond in a reasonable timeframe. Now, its time for step four.Step 4 Take into account how the position fits within your long-term goals.Now that you have the final offer and know how it aligns with your needs and wants, its time to evaluate it again, considering all of the intangible factors of the role. Consider how it fits into your long-term goals and what opportunities it presents. For instance, maybe its a start in the industry youre interested in, even if the pay isnt what you want. Maybe the title is more mid-level than yo ud prefer, but it has an amazing educational package that would allow you to obtain a masters.Now, its time to make a final call empowered and impressed by your negotiation skills.

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How To Tell Your Boss About A Conflict Within The Workplace An Email Template

How To Tell Your Boss About A Conflict Within The Workplace An Email Template How To Tell Your Boss About A Conflict Within The Workplace An Email TemplatePosted November 21, 2016, by Vivien Luu Conflict in the workplace is never easy to handle. Youve done your best to deal with it yourself, but its gotten to the point now where you have no other option but to tell your manager. But how do you do this? This is the sort of discussion that absolutely needs to happen face-to-face. But its best to send your boss a brief email to set up a time to chat. Use this vorlage to send your boss a diplomatic and professional heads up about the situation. Subject line Are you free for a chat next week? Body Hi Emma, I welches wondering whether you had 15 minutes for a chat sometime next week. There have been some ongoing issues in my team/department, and despite my best efforts to resolve them, its reached a point where Id greatly appreciate your input and guidance. As I am sure you can under stand, these sorts of issues can be delicate and I believe that it would be best to discuss this in person. Please let me know what day and time works best for you, and Ill send a meeting request through. Best regards, Your name Got another tough work email to write? Here are 10 pre-written templates for even the most difficult work emails. ResourcesMy first resumeCover letter for my first jobCareer Insider StoriesShelley Lask - Body Positive Health & FitnessInterested in becoming a?Human Resources OfficerGeneral ManagerBusiness ManagerAccountantOffice AdministratorPopular Career Searchessantiago resume templateletter of resignation template teacherwork within a legal and ethical framework answershow to deal with bullying in the workplaceamsterdam resume template CoursesBachelor of Social WorkEnquire Online Enquire OnlineCertificate III in Health AdministrationEnquire Online Enquire OnlineBachelor of Criminal JusticeEnquire Online Enquire OnlineCertificate III in Allied Health AssistanceEnquire Online Enquire Online Vivien LuuViv is a writer who enjoys researching and writing about creativity, how the human mind works, and neuro processes. She values creativity above all else and admires people who pursue their career dreams, no matter the sacrifice. In her spare time, she binges on HBO shows and epic fantasy novels.Related ArticlesBrowse moreEducation trendsCost of TAFE courses set to riseA report released by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal has proposed significant fee increases to government-funded VET TAFE courses. Find out more about the proposed changes.Workplace cultureBuzzwords thinking outside the schachtelChange management. 360-degree review. KPIs. ROIs. WTF? Jargon is unavoidable, but you dont have to remain in the dark. Our series on buzzwords kicks off with the perennial offender thinking outside the box.Real EstateReal estate careers boom or bust?The property market is booming but does that mean a job in real estate is a sou nd career move? From courses, to commissions to your competition, weve got all your questions answered.

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Army Enlisted Assignment Exchanges (SWAPS)

Army Enlisted Assignment Exchanges (SWAPS)Army Enlisted Assignment Exchanges (SWAPS)Did you know that a soldier at one Army installation can agree to swap assignments with a soldier at aelendher installation, as long as it doesnt cost the government any money? Its true, and its part of a little-known and little-used program for exchanging assignments, unofficially known as the SWAPS Program. Soldiers Looking for SWAP Opportunities Every month (or so) the Army Times publishes a list of soldiers who wish to locate others of the same rank, MOS, and basic qualifications, stationed at installation(s) they desire to be assigned at. Soldiers can use this listing to contact these soldiers desiring to SWAP, and make an informal agreement. One of the soldiers then initiates the SWAP request, using DA Form 4187(Personnel Action). Using Personnel Action DA Form 4187 for a SWAP The soldier initiating the SWAP includes the following stellungnahme on the DA Form 4187 I have read and underst and the provisions of AR 614200, and hereby waive any and all claims against the U.S. Government for transportation for myself, my family members, my household goods, and my personal property incident to travel and shipment resulting from reassignment from (current station) Fort Defense, Virginia, to (new location) Fort Service, New York, as requested by me. I further agree to waive any and all claims against the U.S. Government for mileage allowances and/or per diem allowance both for myself and my family The initiating soldier also includes a statement like the following example on the form, from the soldier he/she has agreed to SWAP with I agree to an exchange assignment with FOX, Guy S.,000-00-0000, SGT 11B2O presently stationed at Fort Defense, VA. If this request is approved, I understand that all expenses (including transportation of family members and household goods) incident to this reassignment will be borne by me. I further understand that any time used as travel time be tween duty stations will be charged against me as ordinary leave. The following personal data are submitted Name WOLF, John S. Grade SGT, E5 MOS 11B Unit and station Co A, 2d BN, 4th Inf, 86th Inf Division,Fort Service, NY 01122. How to Qualify for anAssignment Exchanges In order to qualify for an assignment exchange or SWAP, soldiers must meet the following criteria. Both soldiers must agree to the SWAP, must be of the same rank, same MOS (job), and be similarly qualified.Exchanges must be CONUS (Continental United States) to CONUS or OCONUS (Overseas) within their same OCONUS command.The commanders of both soldiers concerned must concur in the proposed exchange assignment, and agree on the date of assignment.Soldiers must serve at least 12 months at current duty station and have at least 12 months time remaining in service upon arrival at the gaining installation. Soldiers will pay all costs incurred in relocation, and all travel time will be charged as ordinary leave.Eligibi lity for foreign service does not change, and no stabilization period is authorized for either soldier.Soldiers in receipt of AIs, or in a deployed status, are not eligible.If a married Army couple currently occupying a common household is separated because one soldier is granted an exchange assignment, the other soldier may not apply for reassignment to the same installation to reestablish a joint residence.

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Learn How to Write a Financial Feasibility Study

Learn How to Write a Financial Feasibility StudyLearn How to Write a Financial Feasibility StudyA financial feasibility study projects how much start-up capital is needed, sources of capital, returns on investment, and other financial considerations. The study considers how much cash is needed, where it will come from, and how it will be spent. It can focus on one particular project or area, or on a group of projects (such as advertising campaigns). The study is an assessment of the financial aspects of something. It could be anything, but is most often used to consider a few key points that, if refined correctly, should answer most of the basic questions of anyone who takes a seat at the table. Start-Up Capital Requirements Start-up capital is how much cash you need to start your geschftliches miteinander and keep it running until it is self-sustaining. You should include enough capital funds (cash, or access to cash) to run the geschftliches miteinander for one to two years. Al though many business or sole proprietorships determine their capital requirements individually, larger corporations may use the help of their respective bank or capital firm to pinpoint capital requirements for either a round of funding or business launch. Finding Start-Up Capital Funding Sources There are many ways to raise capital for your business, but no matter what route you take, investors are more likely to invest, banks are more likely to approve loans, and large corporations are more likely to give you contracts if you have personally invested in the business yourself. Depending on the size of your business, you may be able to utilize one of the many Small Business Administrations (SBA) Microloan programs. Using these, you will not need much capital, as the program allows for a much smaller down-payment on their lending partners loans. These can vary, but are around three-to-twelve percent. When you make a list of funding resources, be sure to include anything that you can contribute to the business, including free labor. If you are starting a nach dem kostendeckungsprinzip arbeitend organization, your donated professional time may even be tax deductible for you. Potential Returns for Investors Feasibility Study Investors can bea friends, family members,professional associates, client, partners,share holders, or investment institutions. Any business or individual willing to give you cash can be a potential investor. Investors give you money with the understanding that they will receive returns on their investment, that is, in addition to the amount that is invested they will get a percentage of profits. In order to enticeinvestorsyou need to show how your business will make profits, when it will begin to make profits, how muchprofitit will make, and what investors will gain from their investment. The investment return section should offer both a description of how investors will be involved and discuss different variables that will affect the profitability of your business, offering more than one scenario. Paying Back Investors How investors will be paid will vary according to individual investment offers. Read every offer over very carefully - not all investors will be right for your business. The investment section of your financial feasibility study should not make specific or binding offers to investors. Do not state investors will be paid specific dollar amounts by certain dates. Instead, list general practices for howinvestments returnwill be distributed, assuming different business scenarios. For example, you might state that investors will be paid X amount of dollars or X% on their investment at the end of any business quarter where profits exceed a certain threshold. Project totalrevenue, deductbusiness expenses, and then from the remaining amount, decide what percentage will be distributed to investors. You should never promise 100% of the remaining amount to investors. You need to keep cash on hand to cont inue operating your business, to grow your business, and to build reserves. Most investment returns are typically distributed on a quarterly, bi-annual, or annual basis. Consider how the various distribution cycles could affect your businesscash flowduring the first two years of operation. In other words, do not just run one set of numbers, examine each type of distribution and support why you think the option you choose is the best one.

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Free Entry-Level Restaurant Resume Templates

Free Entry-Level Restaurant Resume TemplatesFree Entry-Level Restaurant Resume TemplatesThe entry-level restaurant resume templates keep things simple. These basic resume designs and formats focus on you and your accomplishments without fancy design flourishes. These designs also enable you to make the best use of white space and help to balance your formal training and professional experience. Take a look at our entry-level resume examples to see how you can write and format a winning resume.Create ResumeEntry-Level Restaurant ResumeCustomize ResumeIndustry SnippetsBy using our free entry-level resume templates, you will learn how to best write a resume to launch a career as a Waiter or Waitress. Entry-Level Resume Pros and ConsOur free entry-level resume templates are designed to meet the needs of applicants who want to highlight their education, accomplishments, and hands-on experience acquired through internships, student work, or volunteer work.Pros Simple organization and easy to dissectPros Easy to print out and readCons Format is elend memorableCons Doesnt allow applicant to inject personality or charisma into resumeResume TextMarkReynolds123 Street,City, ST, 12345 (123) 456-7890 (H) (123) 456-7890 (C) emailisp.comProfessional SummaryDriven high school student with experience working in fast casual dining restaurants and food service, seeking to secure a position as a waiter. Exceptional customer service skills with the ability to quickly recognize and resolve issues impacting service and guest satisfaction. Proven leadership skills with success in working in collaborative settings.Skill HighlightsRestaurant OperationsCustomer ServiceSanitation, Health, and SafetyDining Room ManagementOpening and Closing ProceduresWorkflow OptimizationEducation and CertificationAlbuquerque High School Estimated Graduation Date 2017High School DiplomaAlbuquerque, NMServSafe CertifiedWork Experience5/1/2015 CurrentBusserOlympia Caf Albuquerque, NMClear tables, maintain proper table alignment and setup, and frequently clean floors to facilitate turnover and sustain high cleanliness standards in a 60-seater restaurant.Restock glassware, silverware, and dishes in kitchen and coordinate with back of house staff to expedite dishwashing and service operations.Assist with opening and closing procedures, setting up dining room and kitchen to facilitate next day workflow and service.10/1/2014 CurrentGrecian Festival VolunteerSaint George Greek Orthodox Church Albuquerque, NMPrepare and serve authentic Greek food at annual Grecian Festival that counts over 1000 attendees.Greet festival attendees and recommend menu offerings, educate attendees on food offerings, and respond to inquiries regarding preparation and ingredients.Maintain clean food preparation and serving environments to sustain sanitation and cleanliness standards.

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Professional Epidemiologist CV Template

Professional Epidemiologist CV TemplateProfessional Epidemiologist CV TemplateIntroductionIt is important that you make the best possible impression on a hiring manager. The number one way to do this is by providing him or her with an engaging and impressive CV that is tailored to the job description. Writing one, though, can be challenging if you have never done it before. Use this epidemiologist cv template as a guide to assist you with understanding the proper formatting and knowing what information to include. This will allow you to craft a professional CV that will astound any hiring manager.Create This CVEpidemiologist CV Template Scott BonnevilleSomeville, MA 33333E T555-498-7214Professional SummaryFocused on, experienced in, and driven to discovering and protecting against infectious diseases with over 10 years of work in the field. Excellent analytic and research skills. Excel at monitoring data and uncovering difficult cases to find the cause of outbreaks and epidemics. Skilled in working with a range of technical equipment, new processes, and innovative ideas to further studies. Proven ability to handle cases independently from beginning to end and get results that make an impact. Special dedication to helping find the cure and more advanced and effective treatments for breast cancer. Expert ability to create written materials and communicate findings. Work Experience EpidemiologistRightStart Labs2005 to present Follow set procedures and guidelines to conduct studies of assigned diseases and illnesses to determine origination, spread, and effects of treatment, along with determining prevention steps that could be possible. Study new diseases, potential outbreaks, and possible epidemic situations to determine which procedures to take to minimize the spread. Research areas at risk to determine how to prevent disease outbreaks and identify possible situations that could lead to an outbreak. Use high-tech methods and equipment in the re search and study of diseases. Prepare reports based on analysis of information and discoveries made to be used in-house, for publication, and in special presentations within the field. Publish work on a cutting-edge study into the treatment and cure of breast cancer, resulting in addition $20,000 in grants.Research AssistantBoston University School of Public Health2002 to 2005 Collected and analyzed data to prepare research papers, grant applications, and college review board. Assisted epidemiologist with research of infectious diseases. Conducted experiments in the laboratory as requested and assigned by lead researchers. Managed, updated, and designed department website, resulting in users having easier access to donation page, which improved donations by 20 percent.Education and TrainingMaster of Science in Epidemiology 2004Boston UniversityBachelor of Science in Public Health 2002Boston UniversitySkills Expert knowledge of infectious disease control Excellent communication and research skills Proficient in the creation and maintenance of databases Skilled in microbiological methods Specific expertise in the area of breast cancer research, including the effects, results, and predictions for specific treatment methods and possible cures Ability to notice even the smallest variances in data to pinpoint potential breakthroughsHobbies and InterestsCoordinator for the local breast cancer awareness annual fundraiser. Raise and train a dog each year to serve as a untersttzungsangebot animal. Member of the community beautification project, which plants flower beds around the city and manages litter zupflmmelup throughout the year.Customize CVUsing a Job Description to Create a Standout Epidemiologist CVA Sample Epidemiologist DescriptionJob SummaryOur research lab is dedicated to wiping out cancer, and we are looking for an epidemiologist who is equally committed to the cause. Any specific past accomplishments and work in any area of cancer research and study is a plus. You should be able to work independently and have excellent research skills. We need someone who can communicate findings easily while also being able to pinpoint even the most minute of variances in information. We offer a technically advanced lab, along with access to state-of-the-art research facilities. You also get to be part of a team that is working to provide huge breakthroughs in the field of cancer treatment. Top benefits and an above-average compensation package are what we have to offer you. Job ResponsibilitiesAs an epidemiologist working for us, you will Study, collect, and analyze data to compile reports and create documentation. Research different types of cancer to find genetic and environmental links. Collaborate with other staff members to create presentations and other materials to be released to the medical community and to the public. Work with patient records and maintain complete confidentiality as required by the law. Assist with the writing and crea tion of grant applications, along with researching funding options and investors. Provide help to public health officials looking into isolated incidents and clusters of cancer occurrences to find possible sources and eliminate the risks.Job Skills Expertise in any area of cancer research Above-average communication skills Ability to research using various sources Excellent database creation skillsCreate This CVHow to Employ the Job Description in Your Epidemiologist CVIt is best to always create your CV with the job description in mind. Tailoring your CV to the description allows you to showcase how you are the perfect choice for the job and will make it easier for ATS systems to pick out your CV as a match. Keywords would be the terms that highlight the important skills or attributes that the employer is looking for in a candidate. For example, the epidemiologist cv templates uses phrases such as analyze data and cancer research, which can be found in the job description.It is al so important that you make sure to prove how you fit the criteria outlined in the job description and how you fit in with the company culture. The applicant in the epidemiologist cv template did this by taking Expertise in any area of cancer research and discussing his experience and publications in breast cancer research. Ensure that your past accomplishments match up nicely with the employers requirements.